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The Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment (ROTSE) consists of two phases: ROTSE-I and ROTSE-III. ROTSE-II was an abortive intermediary phase between the two.
ROTSE-I consisted of four co-mounted CCD cameras.

Jim Wren and Robert Kehoe with ROTSE-I in 1998
ROTSE telescopes operate at sites around the world. ROTSE-III consists of four 0.45 m robotic Cassegrain telescopes managed by a fully automated system of interacting daemons within a Linux environment. The telescope has a f-ratio of 1.9, yielding a field-of-view
(FOV) of 1.85°×1.85°.

The ROTSE-IIIa telescope in Los Alamos in 2001

ROTSE-III Documentation

We have written a comprehensive technical description of the ROTSE-III system, published in the PASP journal. You can retrieve a pdf version of that paper here.

The ROTSE-III telescope has an extensive manual that documents the functioning of its control system, instructs the user in how to both set up and interact with the telescope, and explains the data products as well as the software tools that are available to analyze them.

We have this documentation available in several formats:

A gzipped PostScript File (500k) is available here.
A hyper-linked PDF File (1.5M) is a available here.
A raw PostScript File (3.4M) is available here.
An online html version is available here.

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