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Corrected Images

After applying the dark, flat, and fringe field corrections, a final image is written with an ``_c'' naming extension (Section A.4) in a samilar FITS format as the raw images. The corrected images contain 32-bit floating point values compressed to 16-bit integers using the BZERO/BSCALE method described in Section B.1. The header keywords are the same as the raw image files, only the following keywords are now be filled in:

DARKNAME        Dark File name

FLATNAME Flat File name
FRINGE Fringe File name
FSCALE Fringe Scaling
FCHISQ Fringe Chisq

If the fringe fit was not good, as described in Section 7.5, an exclamation point (``!'') is placed before the fringe file name to indicate it was not subtracted.

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