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The Alert Daemon is a multi-threaded daemon, and requires the additional thread timeouts as listed above in Section 3.1. The configuration file is divided into sections, for the real GCN monitor, the simulated GCN monitor, and the packet type definitions.

# configuration file for alertd



# format is "key value"

# comments start with `#' and go to end of line

# blank lines are okay

# lines cannot be continued

loglevel         2                               # 0,1,2 = terse,verbose,debug

logfile          /rotse/run/log/alertd.log

poll_time        0.05                            # main loop time quantum

sample_time      3.0                             # sample time in seconds

sample_time_th   3.0                             # thread sample time

err_tout         5.0                             # timeout for ALRM_ERR condition

init_time        5.0                             # how long wait for children

email_list       # emails to receive alerts

obsfile          /rotse/run/etc/observatory.conf

Along with the options previously described, the operator must specify an e-mail list to receive alert reports, and the observatory file, which contains the longitude, latitude, and altitude of the observatory.

The next sections configure the mode of operation of the GCN monitor and the simulated GCN monitor. It is strongly recommended that both of these options be turned on at all times for normal operation!

# ================= GRB Coordinates Network monitor ============================

gcnmon run       1                               # = 0/1 to run GCN monitor

gcnmon tout      0.0

gcnmon tpoll     0.1                             # GCN sample time

gcnmon twait     3600.0                          # ????

gcnmon devfile                # host computer

gcn_portnum      5147                            # socket port for alert stat.

pkt_delay        30.0                            # not used

bind_delay       60.0                            # not used

# ================ Simulated GCN Coordinate Socket Server================ #

simgcn run       1                               # = 0/1 to run Simulated GCN server

simgcn tout      0.0

simgcn tpoll     0.1                             # SimGCN sample time

simgcn twait     3600.0                          # ????-not sure what it does

simgcn devfile                # host computer

simgcn_portnum   2545                            # socket port for SimGCN

These sections define the timeouts, device files and port numbers for the GCN Monitor and the SimGCN Monitor. For the GCN Monitor the port number must be registered with Scott Bartlemy at NASA; the SimGCN port number is arbitrary, and only needs to be known by the simalert program which simulates GCN triggers. The host computer should be the full name of the local computer.

The Alert Server, Alert Client, and Alert Database threads are no longer supported, and should all be turned off. Sometime in the future all references to this code will be deleted.

# Available GCN Trigger types of interest (deprecated values are commented out)


# header        name          index #     pos_div    priority

#alerttype    gcn_test            2         100         101

alerttype    gcn_imalive          3         1           101

alerttype    gcn_killpacket       4         1           101

alerttype    xrt_alexis           25        100         101

alerttype    xrt_rxte_pca         26        10000       101

alerttype    xrt_rxte_asm         28        10000       101

alerttype    grb_beppo            34        10000       105

alerttype    grb_beppo_nfi        36        10000       105

alerttype    xrt_asm_trans        37        10000       105

alerttype    grb_ipn              39        10000       105

alerttype    grb_hete_alert       40        10000       150

alerttype    grb_hete_update      41        10000       151

alerttype    grb_hete_final       42        10000       151

alerttype    grb_hete_ground      43        10000       151

alerttype    tla_test_alert       99        10000       101

These are the GRB alert definitions. The alert index is defined by the GCN at
. The pos_div value determines the precision of the RA and Dec positions given in the packet, also defined by the GCN. The larger values indicate more precise coordinates (although they might not be accurate!). The priority values range from 101 to 200. The SimGCN server automatically subtracts 100 from the priority for any test alert. True GCN triggers therefore always override simulated GCN triggers. In the case of a tie, the current trigger continues running, and the new trigger will wait until the current one is finished. This situation has not occurred yet.

Any trigger packet that arrives without coordinates is logged and ignored. Most HETE-2 type 40 triggers come without coordinates, although in the future they might include rough positions.

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