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The Focus Model Data File

The focus model consists of any number of constants for the focus fit, described in Section 6.2.2. The constants are derived from the program described in Section 6.5.

The focus model can consist of up to 20 terms. Each term can be an arbitrary polynomial combination of temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit), elevation (in degrees), and azimuth (in degrees). No significant azimuth dependance has been seen, and is not currently fitted.

# Focus model data file


# There can be up to 20 fit terms, with different polynomial degrees of

#  elevation "e" (in degrees), temperature "t" (in degrees fahrenheit)

#  and azimuth "a" (in degrees).

# The constant offset can be denoted with "1".


# Example:

# term  1       3.50    - constant offset

# term  eet     0.00003 - temperature*(elevation^ 2)


term       1       3.4426761

term       e       -0.0068352

term       ee      0.0000324

term       t       0.0044962

term       et      0.00005885

term       eet     -0.0000002498

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