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The configuration file for spotd is essentially the skeleton configuration file with a couple additions:

# configuration file for spotd


# format is "key   value"

# comments start with `#' and go to end of line

# blank lines are okay

# lines cannot be continued

loglevel          1                              # 0,1,2 = terse,verbose,debug

logfile           /rotse/run/log/spotd.log

poll_time         0.5                            # main loop time quantum

sample_time       3.0                            # sample time in seconds

extra_pulses      30                             # extra time for mount shutdown

# The Following options are obsolete

temperaturefile   /dev/null                      # wdt501 watchdog temperature

wtempmax          120                            # temperature before logging

Aside from the obsolete temperature monitor options, there is an extra_pulses option for spotd. After a sudden system shutdown, this allows the mount time to park itself before the clamshell closes. This was more important for ROTSE-I where the mount did not have freedom to move with the clamshell closed. ROTSE-III does have this freedom, and therefore this option is less important.

Rotse Pager 2003-05-20