This page is an ongoing record of all GCN alerts to which ROTSE responded.

Latency (s)
Time (s)
070729Swift20.1s8.5sC286373: limits not good.
070724ASwift19.8s5.9sB285948: twilight, limits not good.
070704Swift78.1s15.3sD283791: soon become windy, limits not good.
070621Swift17.1s6.1sC282808: limits sent in GCN 6561.
070611Swift37.1s7.6sC282003: initially limits sent in GCN 6495, then late rising OT detected, see GCN 6497.
070531Swift44.5s2010sB280958: in twilight and camera warm.
070521Swift15.1s2056sB279935: first hour was cloudy.
070509Swift467.7s7.4sC278903: limits sent in GCN 6393.
070508Swift821.2s7.1sC278854: see nothing, OT detected by UVOT.
070429BSwift18.6s7.9sC277582: limits sent in GCN 6359.
070429ASwift89.9s6.7sC277571: limits sent in GCN 6356.
070419ASwift74.9s6.3sB276205: limits sent in GCN 6303. Faint OT detected by others.
070412Swift672s1487sB275119: 3b in twilight.
070411Swift39.7s132sC275087: delayed because GCN was off. OT confirmed in GCN 6269.
070330Swift13.8s?C273180: first ten images pointed at a wrong field. Low significance smudge at the UVOT position.
070318Swift11.9s5540sA271019: cloudy, marginal OT detection.
070219Swift29.9s2046sB261132: 3b in twilight, limits in GCN 6106.
070208Swift34.7s5.8sB259714: limits set in GCN 6076. A faint OT was detected by others later.
070111Swift12.8s5.9sC255685: not real (cosmic ray).
070110Swift43.4s9737sA255445: not observable promptly.
061222BSwift79.7s724sB252593: low elevation. Others detect the OT near a very bright source.
061222ASwift39.9s7.3sB252588: limits set in GCN 5955.
061217Swift12s6.3sD251634: limits set in GCN 5927.
061214Swift11.7s7sA250908: "possible burst" turned out to be cosmic ray shower. limits GCN 5919.
061201Swift12s7928sC241840: not promptly observable.
061122Swift20s7843sB239987: False alarm.
061121Swift13s7.6sA239899: confirmed UVOT OT in GCN 5824.
061113Swift18.2s9sB238544: False alarm. GCN not reconnected when the alert came in.
061110BSwift615.5s9414sB238174: not promptly observable.
061110ASwift35s9sA238108: set limits of 16th in GCN 5796. A 19th-mag OT found by others.
061109Swift14.1s1008sB237821: false alarm in twilight.
061102Swift65.8s9.1sC236430: mostly cloudy, poor limits.
061028Swift138.5s2 hrB235715: low burst position for 3C and bad weather at 3D.
061025Integral40.1s4.6sC3525: OT confirmed at 15.6 mag (GCN 5759). Initially set limits in GCN 5752.
061021Swift12.3s10488s--A234905: not observable promptly.
061007Swift17.2s9.2sA232683: OT deteted with a dramatic rise in magnitude at early time (GCN 5706)
061006Swift74.5s--A232585: cloudy at first, poor limits.
061004Swift13.5s9145sC232339: not observable promptly. see nothing.
061002Swift52.4s2536sB231974: respond in twilight. Early images were not usable.
060930Integral37.8s6.3sA3503: limits set in GCN 5666.
060927Swift11.7s4.8sA231362: OT detected in first few exposures. See GCN 5629.
060926Swift14.1s5.4sD231231: see nothing, not very deep.
060923CSwift99.5s5.2sA230711: the thumbnail transfer was broken at the moment. Later examination reveals nothing.
060908Swift13.7s--B228581: all images were clouded out.
060906Swift79.4s281.5sB228316: late response, 3B was in weather alarm.
060904BSwift13.2s5.2sCD228006: 3C has deeper images. OT is well detected in rising phase, see GCN 5504.
060825Swift18.3s85sB226382: Early images did not include xrt position (before the pointing offset was found).
060803Integral17.7s6.7sB3418: not real.
060731Integral687s8.1sAD3415: D in weather alarm. Not real.
060730Swift364s1027sA221873: position after 0.4 hrs.
060604Swift54(s)5.0 (s)ACProbably not a burst
060603Swift-85538.9(s)86406.7(s)BCDProbably not a burst
060602Swift352.2 (s)1782.0 (s)Anot real, known source, Not promptly visible
060510Swift76.2s?B209352: Delayed due to weather alarm.
060510Swift19.4s1450sA209351: Not promptly visible.
060312Swift14.2s6.0sB201391: Nothing seen down to 18th mag, see GCN 4860.
060219Swift----D191512: Bad weather at 3D, no images.
060218Swift91s5.9sB191157: Not sure if it was a GRB (it might have been an optical flare), but we had a detection at 18th mag (see GCN 4782).
060116Swift70s9sB177533: limits sent, see GCN 4523.
060115Swift57.4s577sA177408: 3A was down at time of the trigger. The early images were clouded out.
060115Swift11.7s6.7sB177340: not real.
060114Integral26s6sB2733: cloudy, no images were calibrated.
060111BSwift19.8s8.8sD176918: OT is seen at 13th mag in the first 4 images, see GCN 4488.
060111ASwift12s5sD176818: only first 10 images were calibrated before the images were saturated from morning twilight. Limits sent in GCN 4480
060110Swift16.2s11sB176702: Images are shallow due to the bright moon nearby. But the counterpart was seen in the first coadd. A confirmation GCN was sent, see GCN 4472.
060109Swift55.8s38003sD176620: not observable promptly.
060108Swift??s?176453: no prompt response, A was down for maintenance
060105Swift16s?5 HRB175942: D was in weather alarm, wasn't yet visible at B
060102Swifts??-175603: after 1day, 3B. not promptly visible by ROTSE
051117BSwift58s18sA164279: windy, shallow limits ~14 sent to GCN
051117ASwift39s7000sB164268: not promptly visible, we see nothing
051114Swift22 HR8sBSAYS 163765 in burstresp pg (Swift problem), actually 163844, see Swift's GCN4272. nothing to shallow 15th mag limits @ 22h
051113Swift13s5800sA163765: not promptly visible (day)
051109BSwift9.1s40sB163170: nothing found to 18th mag
051109ASwift4.7s32sB163136: bright, prompt 15th mag transient found.
051105Integral16s10363sA2701: GRB051105B. 3A in weather alarm when the burst came in. No OT found.
051101HETE19s5sCDHETE 3955: not real.
051028HETE7400s1000sDHETE 3951: found by ground, highly delayed, first response images saturated from evening twilight (about 1000s till 1st usable) others found R=22 OT, too faint for us
051022HETEn/a16.3sAHETE 3950: GRB051022A. Limits sent out in GCN 4132
051021HETE3.4s16.6sAHETE 3947: GRB051021. OT Found, GCN 4121
051013Swift26.3s10.9sD159578:false alarm.
051010Integral21.1s11438sB2673:false alarm. Delayed response because 3D's sitelink was down.
051008Swift695.7sNA sD158885 D: site link down, no prompt response
051007Swift13.2s6682sAD158700 A: delayed because of weather, cloudy D: delayed response, not yet visible
051006Swift45.8s10203sD158593 D: delayed response, not yet visible
050918Swift13.3s6sAC155764: False trigger; 3A responded in bright morning twilight. Nothing calibrated.3C later responded with response time of 3.1 hours.
050917Swift74.7s19.2sAC155572: Catalog source, not a GRB. Bad weather in 3A. 3C responded after 3.5 hours.
050917Swift12.2s3.2hA155535: Catalog source, not a GRB.
050916Swift135.7s9.3hC155408: A weak burst. 3A in weather alarm; 3C had to wait for trigger position to rise.
050915Swift20.7s7.5sBA155242: GRB050915; 3B responded in 7.5s limits were sent out as GCN 3978. 3A responded after 2.4 hours.
050914Swift17.2s1.4hA155535: False trigger
050910HETE8.7s4.8sD3924: Real GRB; shutter problem on 3D affected image quality. Found nothing.
050908Swift29s7hrA154112: B was in weather alarm, A tried to follow up - nothing calibrated (low elevation?)
050908Swift11s??sD154073: went toward field, initially couldn't make it, then twilight. turned out to be false alarm
050907Swift350s8sA153987: flaring known source, low Gal Lat, nothing seen.
050906Swift13s9000sA153866: delay from 3B in weather alarm. nothing seen.
050906HETE21s5hA3922: false alarm (delay as 3B closed from weather)
050904Swift84s7s/3sCD153514:no image was calibrated (C: clouded over, D: just outside the pointing limits).
050831HETE448s6.7sB2641:false alarm.
050830Swift73.7s9185sD152762:calalog source, probably not a GRB.
050828Swift205.4s5208sD152451:known source, probably not a GRB.
050827Swift16.9s12485sD152325:3a missed the burst as the sitelink was down. However, the images couldn't be deep enough due to moon constraint.
050826Swift60.7s12082sAB152113:not observable promptly, see nothing.
050825Swift15s6sD152038:false alarm.
050824Swift578s6sCD151905:no detection due to proximity to moon. see limits in GCN 3867.
050822Swift25s6sC151486:see nothing.
050820BSwift21s8706sC151334:delayed response (elevation). no OT for this burst.
050820ASwift22s10130sB151207:delayed due to bad weather (precipitation). Images were clouded out.
050819Swift86s6672sCD151131:visible promptly by A, but sitelink was down. Weak burst, no OT.
050817Swift30s5sA150823:retracted, recognized as HETE J1900.1-2455.
050815Swift28s7sCD150532:low galactic latitude, non detection. set limits in GCN 3813.
050813Swift353s9sA150158:not real.
050809HETE17s6sBHETE false alarm
050809HETE17s6sBHETE false alarm
050807HETE27s11 minA3889 ALSO 13889 in table: coords shifted by 5deg (then 0.5 much later), alert didn't go, had to be cancelled and sent manually. nothing there in big error box.
050806HETE32s3 hrA3888: usual false alarm - large error box, type 43 w/ no coords
050805Swift78s118sD149118: false alarm. D was there first, but was working on alignment so terrible. AC saw it ~hr later
050803Swift85s5000sC148833 - no prompt response. A in weather alarm (soon at D, but mount. 1.5h to C) we see nothing
050802Swift699s9197sB148715 - was in 3C's sky, but north & < 25deg, setting, so could not be followed. D was down (mount)
050801Swift14s8sC148522 - 15th mag new object, got GCN 3723 out in lt 7min
050728Swift77s7sC147919: flaring known source
050726Swift81s14000sD147827: THINK wasn't real
050722Swift108s7sC147230: in ground catalog, false alarm
050719Swift13s12000sC146731: only possible GRB. CD were both closed for prompt responses, and after delay was still bad, didn'r calibrate.
050717Swift13s7sC146426: only possibly a GRB.
050715Swift38s4.5hB146129. real burst. NOTHING except Swift on GCN, nobody found anything
050714BSwift78s4.5hB145994:real, but nothing seen.
050714Integral20s9.1sB2598: nothing seen, set limits (GCN 3608)
050713Swift14s9.5sB145729: "probably not real"
050713Swift12s11sB145675: too faint for us; GCN 3580 gave limits, others saw afterglow
050712Swift93s12000sD145581: prompt observable in daytime sky, thus delay - still saw nothing. UVOT got a counterpart
050709HETE1day1dayC3862 ground alert (so late) nothing seen
050709Swift78s9sB145011: flaring known source
050708HETE100s5054sB3859 - bad weather delay, but a false alarm anyhow
050703Swift42s7.3sC144066: flaring known source. nothing seen
050701HETE155s7.3sBFalse alarm
050611HETEn/an/aAD3800: False Alarm, sgr 1806-20, not visible promptly
050611Integraln/an/aACD2512: False Alarm, galactic source, not visible promptly
050609HETE24.1 s6.3 sA3796: False Alarm
050608HETE35.9 s9.0 sC3789: False Alarm
050528Swift43 s15471 sB130679:bad weather, see nothing.
050525Swift354.7 s8.7 sC130088: Optical afterglow detected, see GCN 3465
050525Swift354.7 s1979.0 sD130088: Optical afterglow detected, see GCN 3465
050515HETENANA sA3761, NOT real - NO response. 3A shut down because the focus motor failed
050509CHETE Alert19.3 s6.4 sCNo counterpart found at alert position. Ground analysis shifted position by >~ 0.5 deg; images being rerun through DSS match pipeline didn't find anything either.
050509BSwift13.77 s10.0 sBNo counterpart found.
050508HETE Alert145 s6.3 sBFalse alarm.
050508HETE Alert790 s6.4 sBFalse alarm.
050502AIntegral23.3 s5 sBOptical afterglow detected, see GCN 3322
050425Swift242.5 sBBad weather, no images taken
050422Swift871.7 s22.2 sBGood images, a bit crowded. No new source detected.
050421Swift58.4 s9.7 sBGood conditions, but there was a bright moon. Limit of 16.4th mag at ~67s
050416Swift11 s7.7 sBCloudy & twilight. some clearing gave limits at 14.
050416Swift11 s6.8 sA(same burst) Cloudy. Later clearing got a limit of 17th mag at ~1hr
050415HETE Alert18 s6.5 sCCloudy; False alarm.
050412Swift38 s7.1 sBImages excellent, no new source detected.
050408HETE Ground4391.1 s7.3 sC3711,8: Images good, no new source detected.
050408HETE Update11.1 s790.7 sD3711: Initial images saturated due to twilight.
050408HETE Update11.1 s6.6 sA3711: Many images cloudy, though upper limit of 17.8 was attained 165.5-552.5s after initial trigger.
050406Swift BAT Alert35.6 s14860.0 sA113872: Burst not promptly visible from Earth.
050402Swift BAT Alert13.5 s6 sB113241: actually SGR1806-20; nothing seen.
050402Swift BAT Alert177.4 s9.9 sB113225: probably not a real GRB. (GCN 3172: "very questionable") Nothing seen.
050401Swift BAT Alert17.7 s6.2 sA113120: Prompt detection coincident with gamma-rays
050331Swift BAT Alert58 s7.5 sC112982: false alarm from Vela X-1
050331Swift BAT Alert42 s7.4 sC112981: false alarm from Vela X-1
050331Swift BAT Alert14 min6.1 sC112977: false alarm from Vela X-1
050331HETE Update1 min4.4 sBfalse alarm
050319Swift BAT Alert27 s9.6 sBFound 16th magnitude counterpart (see GCN 3116)
050305Swift BAT Alert58.2 s 6.7 sCField is too crowded to distinguish anything.
050305Swift BAT Alert41 s 7.9 sC False alarm. Not a GRB.
050224INTEGRAL Offline50 min3.8A Same false alarm as before.
050224INTEGRAL Wakeup15.3 s7.5A False alarm. Known source misidentified due to bad attitude.
050223Swift BAT Alert54 s7.7C No counterpart found. Field fairly crowded. Twilight terminated response after 97 images.
050219BSwift BAT Alert26.8 sn/aC Raining when alert came in.
050219ASwift BAT Alert22.0 s7.1 sA Cloudy, intermittent rain. No useful images until much later.
050215BSwift BAT Alert87.8 s8.0B No counterpart found.
050215ASwift BAT Alert58.5 s7.1B No counterpart found.
050128Swift Circular9.5 hn/aASource below horizon when circular released (at +8h). Would have been directly overhead on C if prompt alert. No counterpart found to 17.1
050123HETE Update21 s16 sBMount error in response caused 9 s delay. Full cloud cover prevented images from calibrating (no sources). No counterpart found.
050111BHETE Update116 s5 sBFalse alarm. Not a GRB.
050111BHETE Alert31 s4 sBFalse alarm. Not a GRB.
050111AHETE Alert24 s49.5 minBFalse alarm. Not a GRB. Not sure why delay so long.
050111AHETE Update54 s7 sBFalse alarm. Not a GRB.
050108HETE Update51 s34 sBFalse alarm. Not a GRB. Not sure why delay so long.
041228Swift Circular7.8 hn/aCNo counterpart found (extra delay due to twilight)
041226Swift Circular4.2 hn/aBNo counterpart found (extra delay due to twilight)
041224Swift Circular3 hn/aCNo counterpart found
041223Swift Circular4.5 hn/aCFaint counterpart found later; perhaps blended with bright star, no ROTSE detection
041219INTEGRAL Offline2 h5.5 sCIR counterpart. No ROTSE source at that location.
041219INTEGRAL Wakeup70 s7 sCNine-minute-long burst in Galactic Plane.
041211HETE Ground4800 s12.4 sBNothing found.
041020INTEGRAL OfflineCFalse alarm from SGR. Incorrect position.
041020INTEGRAL Wakeup1610CFalse alarm from SGR. Incorrect position.
041016HETE GroundB
041006HETE Ground1.1 h1AAfterglow detected.
041006HETE Alert4215 minAManual response. Afterglow detected.
040929INTEGRAL RDLong delay. Not sure why.
040929INTEGRAL WakeupDLong delay. Not sure why.
040924HETE Ground1.4 h2.7 minAPointing error. Source out of FOV.
040924HETE Update117APointing error. Source out of FOV.
040916HETE Ground2.4 h3.5 minB
040912INTEGRAL Offline9 s8.5 hD
040912INTEGRAL Wakeup9 s4.4 hD
040912INTEGRAL Offline5.5 min7.5 hD
040912INTEGRAL Wakeup9 s6.5 hD
040912HETE GroundDI don't know which alert this was.
040912HETE GroundCI don't know which alert this was.
040912INTEGRAL Offline30 min2 hD
040912INTEGRAL Wakeup52.2 hD
040905INTEGRAL WakeupC
040905INTEGRAL WakeupD
040902INTEGRAL WakeupC
040825HETE Ground5.25 h8BCloudy.
040825HETE GroundD
040825HETE GroundD
040825HETE FinalD
040825HETE UpdateD
040825HETE AlertD
040823INT Wakeup152BSGR 1806-20
040823INT Wakeup108BSGR 1806-20
040823INT Wakeup134BSGR 1806-20
040823INT Wakeup1289 minBSGR 1806-20, source rising
040823INT Wakeup13113 minBSGR 1806-20, source rising
040822INT Wakeup21124 minDSGR 1806-20, source rising
040818INT Wakeup179DSGR 1806-20
040818INT Wakeup116DSGR 1806-20
040817INT Wakeup16.66.52CSGR 1806-20
040817INT Wakeup16.66.5DSGR 1806-20
040802HETE Update1205.6CNot a real burst.
040802HETE Update1205.5DNot a real burst.
040801HETE Update15411.7CNot a real burst.
040718INT Wakeup174D
040717HETE Alert2315B
040711HETE Alert1083.6DSGR burst.
040623HETE Update181.9 hCNot a real burst.
040623HETE Final2003 hCNot a real burst.
040620HETE Update2613CBurst from SGR 1806-20
040620HETE Alert157DBurst from SGR 1806-20
040619HETE Update158643DBad Weather delayed response
040617HETE Update217CLarge error, XRB flag on.
040616HETE Update20.351.76CBurst from SGR 1806-20
040616HETE Update20.354.13DBurst from SGR 1806-20
040616HETE Alert31.147CBurst from SGR 1806-20
040616HETE Alert31.148DBurst from SGR 1806-20
040602HETE Alert6306BBurst from SGR 1806-20
040528HETE Ground23910 hrsBBurst from SGR 1806-20. Too low, rising.
040528HETE Update15.56.7 hrsBBurst from SGR 1806-20. Too low, rising.
040511HETE Ground2.2 hrs3.5A
040511HETE Alert39 min3.5ALocalization off by 5°.
040507INT OfflineBFalse alarm, cause unknown. Target elevation too low, rising.
040507INT WakeupBFalse alarm, cause unknown. Target elevation too low, rising.
040507INT WakeupBFalse alarm, cause unknown. Target elevation too low, rising.
040428HETE Ground13406BFalse alarm, particle event.
040428HETE Alert666BFalse alarm, particle event.
040425HETE Ground131778ATwilight. Images saturated.
040424HETE Ground120586AError box too large for automated analysis.
040422INT Wakeup168BIn Gal. plane. No counterpart found to 17.5
040413HETE Alert3213AFalse alarm. Sco X-1
040413HETE Alert1927AFalse alarm. Sco X-1
040413HETE Alert4810AFalse alarm. Sco X-1
040408INT Offline27896ABurst from SGR 1806
040408INT Wakeup1210ABurst from SGR 1806
040402HETE Final8577AFalse Alarm. Sco X-1
040330INT Wakeup127ANo counterpart found to 16.5
040327INT Offline344626245B
040323INT Offline48251163A
040320INT Offline85515482BPosition rising into view. No counterpart found.
040320INT Wakeup149950BPosition rising into view. No counterpart found.
040319HETE Final7066BInvalid flight localization (wrong sign on dec.)
040318INT Wakeup147BAlerts 1679,1680,1681 were not due to GRB/SGR.
040106INT Wakeup40
031220HETE Ground63716BCorrected position, but too much time had past. No counterpart found.
031220HETE Update368BPosition off by about 20 degrees.
031216HETE Update156CFully clouded over. Started raining during response.
031112HETE Last248--CSunrise. False alarm. Particle event.
031111 (2925)HETE Ground43461200CSource rising, also too close to moon. Images saturated.
031111 (2924)HETE Ground41961800CSource rising, too close to moon. Images saturated.
031026HETE Ground11737--BInstrument turned off for mount repairs.
031008HETE Last554--ASunrise. Flare from the Crab
030913HETE 377CTwilight saturated early images. First useful images after half-hour. No counterpart found.
030821HETE Ground116578CPointing model not finished, so images didn't calibrate.
030818HETE Update19Burst from SGR 1806
030817HETE Update37Flare from GRS 1915
030815HETE Last279Flare from GRS 1915
030813HETE Alert491Burst from SGR 1806
030811HETE Update34Burst from SGR 1806
030725HETE Ground5589~20 hoursACloudy
030723HETE Alert425 BMarginal detection of counterpart in co-added images.
030719 (2773)HETE Update13Burst from SGR 1806
030719 (2771)HETE Update20Burst from SGR 1806
030718HETE Alert420Burst from SGR 1806
030706HETE Ground19423--AError box too large (8°)
030605HETE Update14Flare from x1812-121
030601HETE Update14Flare from x1812-121
030528HETE Update37--ABad weather alarm and system off.
030501INT Offline161864BTarget in Galactic plane. No candidate found.
030501INT Wakeup1510800BSource was below horizon at alert time.
030429HETE Ground67257ANo candidate near small SXC error box. Coadding yielded nothing.
030426IPN--AWeather alarm. No response.
030418HETE Last2246BNot a real GRB
030418HETE Update2156ANo source in images, Price found 18.8th mag transient at ~2.3 h.
Coadded frames to find same transient at 17.7 to 18.7th mag.
030418HETE Ground62226A
030417INT Offline37674BCloudy
030417INT Wakeup142066BCloudy, source was still rising when alert came in
030417HETE Ground566346BPartly Cloudy. No OT candidate found.
030414HETE Alert1247AFlare from Sco X-1
030331INT Offline360321600BFlare from IGR J17464-3213; source below horizon at time of alert
030331INT Wakeup46328000BFlare from IGR J17464-3213; source below horizon at time of alert
030329HETE Ground4389880AGCN down, manual response, 14th mag OT found
030328HETE Ground25166AOT position blocked by bleed trail
030324HETE Ground244450BGCN down, manual response, no OT found
030323HETE Update1789310300BGCN down, manual response, 18th mag OT found with co-adding
030320INT Offline22472300ALog files missing -- not sure what happened
030226HETE Ground656610300BInstrument not aligned yet, no OT found.