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Each image ROTSE-III records are saved as a small JPEG file, in addition to the FITS data files used for the production analysis. These images can be viewed through your browser to evalute performance, weather and image quality. Please choose which telescopes and which days you are interested in examining, then press "extract" to create where you can view the images.

Each night, as data are taken, certain diagnostic parameters for image quality are extracted and preserved in four graphs. Together, these graphs provide a record of instrument performance for the night. Today's graph can be accessed through the status monitor buttons above, but if you wish to see past nights' records, you can access them through the form below. The four graphs show the median FWHM of the image as a function of temperature, the limiting magnitude as a function of time, the deviation of the actual pointing from where it was instructed to point, and the FWHM as a function of elevation angle.

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